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Unfortunately, the midsection is the hardest part of the body to burn fat — that is until a new invention called Hot Shapers entered the market.

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This is meant have a thermogenic effect on your body, causing you to lose more weight. The theory behind Hot Shapers is that by sweating in your abs and thighs, you can burn fat in those areas, and only in those areas. While we know fat loss burns fat from your whole body, there is some research that supports the notion that targeted fat loss may work.

From the Amazon Reviews and reviews on the actual Hot Shapers website, there seems to be mixed results from Hot Shapers customers.

Some people swear Hot Shapers are better than sliced bread while other customers claim it was the biggest waste of money in their life.

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The biggest complaint seems to be that the Hot Shapers have ripped after only a few weeks of use. There are fewer complaints about a lack of weight loss, although some people were unhappy with their overall results.

Overall, it seems like one or two things are going to happen. There seems to be no real middle ground, so take that into consideration before you buy Hot Shapers. As you may expect, Hot Shapers are by no means cheap. Hot Shapers only offers a day money back guarantee, provided a number of conditions are met. They offer a slightly more lenient exchange policy, although they do claim that both refunds and exchanges are up to their sole discretion.

It seems like a crapshoot as to whether or not Hot Shapers will actually work.

Hot Shapers

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